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How nifty!

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A website that I have had to use multiple times over the course of the semester was SoundCloud. It is a great way to share audio files with a large audience. The biggest plus? That it is super easy to use!

First you need to sign up for an account.

Be sure that the user name is something that can be linked easily remembered and easily searched for by other users.

After you sign up for an account you can start uploading!

You can either upload clips from your own set up or record right on the website. I like to record directly onto the website. I have a microphone built into my computer that picks up good quality bits. If you wanted you can buy an external mic and make the quality of your sound bites even better.


For my way of uploading, I just hit the orange record button, record my stuff and hit end. Then I can listen to it and decide if I want to rerecord or upload that first clip. You can add images to make the clip truly your own!

Once you upload it to your dashboard, you can share it to other groups, or other social media!. You can get the embed code and embed it any where you want!

You can take a listen to any of my things by scrolling through my older posts and clicking on the orange play button! My favorites are the Beyonce dramatic reading or Ursula redux

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