Oh Flikr, how I love you.

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Over the course of the semester we have had to create many visual things and use a platform to share them. We were told to create a Flikr account and use that as the place to upload our photos to. From there you can take them anywhere.

First you need to create an account- which is easy enough. You cant link it through your Google account, Yahoo account or Facebook.

Once you have your account you can start uploading! In bold print on the right side of the page it will say ” Upload photos and Video!”. You will need to click that.

From there it will take you to a page where you can access files on your computer and upload them right from there.

In my experience, there are many web sights and apps that are connected to your Flikr as well. I used to use Picknic as a way to edit my photos. Sadly that closed early in April. Another web sight that lets you edit photos is PhotoBucket.

I also know that if you have the Instagram app on your smart phone that it can connect to your Flikr and upload straight to your account after you have finished editing on there.

This is a great website that helps you share your creativity with others!

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