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So I stumbled upon this today and found it really funny.  Although I am still an undergraduate, I just packed everything up so I can go home tomorrow – this means that my Junior year is officially over.  Where did the time go did from being a Freshman to a Senior?  On top of it, my senior year is going to feel like one semester since that is all the time that I will be in Cortland for (I will be student teaching on Long Island the following semester).

I am guilty of wishing my time away here every now and then, but I will only be in college once.  After I graduate, although I am excited to start my life, I have to be a real adult.  AKA pay my rent, get a job, pay student loans, and not be able to live the life I do here.

So for those of you who are in college: cherish it!  This time goes by so, so fast!


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