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I am still indecisive about my final project. For my DS106 Final Project i was considering building on the assignment where you Create a five second video of one archetype and add a twist to it.  But  I’m not sure yet. i found an interesting assignment on The daily create click here to see. For that ssignemt, we have to create a contour line drawing of ourselves without lifting the pencil. i would like to do that with a twist, i would record myself drawing it on a canvas and ill have my best friend besides me doing the same. i would make it a competition and leave it for you guys to decide who won. i will also mash it up with other DS106 daily creates like the youtube video assignment., where i would  make a commercial for my favorite midnight snack. Whatever, i choose i am sure i will make it work.

Stay tuned for my the most important thing that i will take away from ds106 video.



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