1. rmcashmore

    Daily Create tdc983: Show us a Feeling!


    These were the instructions for tdc983:

    And this is what I created

    So I started with a feeling, thought about it for “a bit,” created an embodiment of the feeling, and shared in the image(s) above. Do you understand it? What do you think I am showing here? If you …

  2. rmcashmore

    Daily Create


    Instructions for Daily Create 972

    What book would protect you in a protest? September 6, 2014 In a political or social demonstration, you may need to protect yourself from police, guards, or opposing citizens. Design your book bloc shield that projects a message in the form of a book title…
  3. janeosb

    Are song circle songs stories?


    The assignment was to choose a movie song or story and use Kurt Vonnegut’s  approach to the structure of a story to illustrate its story arch. So I chose a Singing circle song and, using a green screen, had my friend Robyn film me showing the arch of the song …

  4. rmcashmore

    Daily Create tdc603 on 7-23-14


    This is my response to the following Daily Create:

    Show us your keychain and tell us a story about the keys and/or things you have on it.

    A TDC classic! We are repeating this from January 2011 (TDC 17) and August 2012 (TDC 233), but it was so good we …

  5. janeosb

    What’s Story Telling


    You asked for my idea of what story telling is before I delve into the class content.
    I have a picture in my head and I’m not sure how to get it out in it’s full glory. So I will just riff and see what happens.

    When I think of …

  6. rmcashmore

    Leap of Faith


    Gif this…..

    I don’t really get the appeal of turning a video clip into a gif. Turning still shots into a moving gif, yes, but not the other way around. BUT, it was the first assignment in Unit 2. And I do believe that everything I try and learn to …

  7. rmcashmore

    Daily Create: My First Attempt 6-26-14


    7-14-14 UPDATE

    I made my first Daily Create as a page rather than a post. I am just copying that first attempt, no content changed other than this update note, in as a post so it will show up where my other daily creates show up. I have come so …

  8. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 7-10-14


    Instructions for Daily Create 7-10-14

    Modern Vintage

    Take a photo of something modern and make it look like it is from a very old photo. Get creative, don’t just slap it into black and white or through in a cheesy sepia filter. How can you compose the image to make …

  9. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 7-7-14


    Instructions for this Daily Create: Your life in a sentence, take a photo post to flickr.

    “Starting from a seed that contained the potential of all I could be, my roots have grown deep and twisted, the unchangeable foundation of the person I am, and like a tree, I continue …

  10. janeosb

    Learning to Do Daily Creates


    Yes, I am still figuring out how to tag and embed my assignments. Getting used to doing the daily creates. Using Audacity is not new to me so the birthday assignment was no problem.

    And the latest more than half way tdc was a lesson in cat wrangling that I …

  11. rmcashmore

    Daily Create 6-29-14


    Instructions for Daily Create 6-29-14

    “Self Portrait, Flashing a Peace Sign, Bonus for Hippie Aura…Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc903.”

    Hopefully that is what I have done!


  12. janeosb

    Peace Becomes You


    Just last week I was at a Holly Near/ Emma’s Revolution concert where I picked up this PEACE t-shirt and a Peace Becomes You hat. Peace Salaam Shalom is one of my favorite songs to sing. So this assignment came at a good time.

  13. janeosb

    Woman Sings 2014-06-27 09:05:07


    There is still time to join the Manchester Digital Storytelling class. Anyone can join. I asked my singing circle to take the class and only got one taker. My idea is that we could have study groups…in the flesh… and help each other with the technical intricacies. We are a …

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