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Assignment for Week 1

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Professors are great. Excuse me, University of Mary Washington professors are great.

Thursday morning, I am in Phonology (Linguistics 309) with Dr. Fallon and about 25 other students. I know Dr. Fallon pretty well…he’s my adviser and I’ve had a class with him before. He’s really nice and a great lecturer. On this particular Thursday morning he was extra entertaining.

Before starting the lecture, he is trying to turn on the projector with the remote control but it doesn’t turn on. He asks, “Should I use new technology or old technology?” The class answers, “New technology. He pulls two batteries out of his bag and installs them into the remote control. The projector still doesn’t turn on.

Then he says, “I guess we will try old technology.” We all wait patiently while he rummages through his bag. THEN he pulls out a MAGIC WAND!! Not just any magic wand…an exact replica from Harry Potter (there was even a box that said “Harry Potter”)! Of course, after he speaks magical, spell-bounding words (and after pushing a button on the actual projector with the wand) the projector turns on. Class begins.

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