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  1. Alex Jaffee

    Hundred Acre Wood

    While I was babysitting last week, I took the kids to the movie theater. One of the previews we saw was for a new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out in theaters this summer. I was a big fan of Winnie the Pooh as a child, and lets face it, I still love all things…
  2. Alex Jaffee

    This is DS106

    Dear Future DS106 Student, Why are you taking this class? If it’s because you think this 100 level course will be a light load then you’re in trouble. If it’s because you are actually interested in digital storytelling and willing to step out of the box, then you’re in the right place. Jim Groom and…
  3. Alex Jaffee

    Letter for Photographer

    Mailing Information for Wedding Vendor, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. I emailed this photo to the photographer to let her know the our contract is on its way. I know I could have just simply written her an email telling her but I thought taking a picture would be more fun. The funny thing is I…
  4. Alex Jaffee

    From Our Photographer

    From Our Photographer, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. We have decided on the photographer who will photograph our wedding day! Her name is Tahni and her photography business is Joyeuse Photography. She is so great and creative! When I met with her last week she gave me this envelope with the contract and a frequently asked…
  5. Alex Jaffee

    Titles About Love

    Titles About Love 1, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. We have a ton of books so I thought it would be fun to find titles related to love, weddings, etc., and take a picture. I tried to focus the titles and have the books in the background be out o...
  6. Alex Jaffee

    Engagement Ring

    Engagement Ring, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. I took advantage of the beautiful weather earlier this week and took some photos outside. This is my engagement ring…the main stone is green amethyst with surrounding diamonds. I thought putting the ring on the flower would be a fun photo. I love how the green in the background…
  7. Alex Jaffee

    Family Dinner Mash-up

    Here is the mash-up Grace and I created in class tonight. We spent most of the class period trying to figure out what to do and about five minutes creating the mash-up (woo hoo team work!), which explains why our video kind of ends abruptly. Then we rushed downstairs, back to class. When I got…
  8. Alex Jaffee

    Ken and Barbie are Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    While looking for inspiration for my mash-up, I found this Disney/Mean Girls mash-up. I think this mash-up is really well-done…it’s so funnytoo!  Take a look: I did lots of brainstorming on what to do for my mash-up. I kept wanting to put two happy things together but knew that wouldn’t alter the meaning of either form…
  9. Alex Jaffee

    Engagement Photo Props

    This past Saturday, we had our engagement photo session. We had SO much fun! Part of the session was at Fredericksburg Academy (where we met) and the other part was downtown. The part of the session that was at FA had a school theme. Two of the props we used are below. I was trying…
  10. Alex Jaffee

    The Lion King

    When we were first given this assignment and listened to Andy Rush’s presentation, I thought, “How hard could this be?” Boy, was I in for a surprise! It’s not that the assignment was necessarily hard, it’s just that I couldn’t get any of the recommended programs from the Internet to work on my Macbook so…
  11. Alex Jaffee

    Remix Readings

    Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue When I first watched the Alice video I  wondered, “Wow! How did someone do this?! So I’m excited for the mash-up section of this course. Then when I saw the word ‘praxis’ I thought of the test (there are a series of tests, one of which is called the Praxis,…
  12. Alex Jaffee

    Reception Location

    We have a date…Sunday, June 3, 2012!! We’ve officially booked Market Square in downtown Fredericksburg for the reception. I’ve taken pictures of Market Square at two different times. The first was last weekend as the sun was going down. The second was today with the beautiful sunny weather (my fiance and dog wanted to be…
  13. Alex Jaffee

    Craigslist Time line Webstory

    This assignment took me forever to come up with an idea that would work! I would come up with an idea but then the website that I wanted to use for it would be too complicated or the story I wanted to use wasn’t going anywhere…this must have happened 4 or 5 times. BUT finally…
  14. Alex Jaffee

    The Dress

    Just got my wedding dress back from Downtown Cleaners where I had the dress altered!! I purchased this dress brand new from eBay (seller was Maryann’s Bridal) for $100! How I did I get a wedding dress so cheap you ask…the seller is a wholesaler in China! So by cutting out all the middlemen of…
  15. Alex Jaffee

    Gerald the Elephant and Piggie

    Gerald the Elephant and Piggie Story The link above is to a 4 minute audio segment from the Velaciraptor Variety Show. The segment is a performance of my fiance and I reading the children’s book Watch Me Throw the Ball by Mo Willems. This is part of a series of books about Gerald the Elephant…
  16. Alex Jaffee

    Zombie Costume Ad

    ZombieCostumeAd This audio clip is one of the commercials I created for our radio show. However, you won’t hear this in our actual show because by time I had finished it and uploaded it, our radio show was all done! Woo hoo! I used Garage Band again. I recorded the audio myself but then used…
  17. Alex Jaffee

    Color Inspiration

    I was preparing for my meeting with Party Elegance, an event rental company located in downtown Fredericksburg, by gathering samples of our wedding colors and thought “this is part of the planning process…I should take a picture!” So I did. What I’m about to write probably sounds a little extravagant but…I ended up taking over…
  18. Alex Jaffee

    Flower Sash

    Here are my first wedding themed photos for my final project! I also set up the plug-in Slickr Flickr to display my final project photos on the sidebar. I had to change the theme of my blog because my former blog theme did not have a sidebar available. Anyway, this is a flower sash I…
  19. Alex Jaffee

    What to do?

    What to do? What to do? Something I’ve been interested in and fascinated by, even before ds106, is photography. So what am I going to photograph? My wedding planning process! This will give me the opportunity to practice my photography skills while simultaneously recording my wedding planning. My objectives are to… Regularly photograph for the…
  20. Alex Jaffee

    Highlights (still not the magazine)

    I really enjoyed doing the daily shoot assignment! I’ve always been fascinated by photography but have never really made the time to actually practice. The following are some of my favorite photos that I captured: Newsflash: Dog Turns into Elephant- I love this picture because it makes me laugh. Follow the Line of Food- I…
  21. Alex Jaffee

    Highlights (not the magazine)

    While everyone did a great job with the daily shoot assignment, the following photos are some of my favorites that classmates did. I chose these photos for different reasons…some are really cute (Lady Plug in the rain), others have something in them I love (Skippy Jon Jones and dogs), and/or the photo just caught my…
  22. Alex Jaffee

    House on the Hill

    House on the Hill, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. I took this picture from the parking lot of Tru Luvs on Sophia Street. You can see in the distance, on the hill is Chatham Manor. Chatham is a historic home on a beautiful piece of property! To get there coming from downtown you cross the William ...
  23. Alex Jaffee

    The Bench

    The Bench, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. This is the story of Henry the runaway dog. One day over winter break I was driving home from Wegmans with my fiance in the passenger seat when we saw a black lab running frantically down Princess Anne Street. As we were stopped at the intersection of Princess Anne…
  24. Alex Jaffee

    Hula Girl

    Hula Girl, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee. This is hula girl. A few months ago her legs broke. The doctor fixed them with liquid nails. She’s healed and is now ready to be photographed.
  25. Alex Jaffee


    This is Foode. I had my first visit at this amazing restaurant/market today. It’s located on Caroline Street across from Dog Crazy. I not only chose these three pictures because they have somewhat unusual views but I have a different view of this place after having gone today. I had never taken the chance to ...
  26. Alex Jaffee

    Design Assignment: The Big Hip Hop

    For the design assignment, I chose to do The Big Hip Hop submitted by Tim Owens, which requires taking a photo from The Big Picture ( and overlaying it with text from a Top 100 song ( This photo was taken at a protest in Tunisia. The lyrics are from the song “Lucky” by Jason ...
  27. Alex Jaffee

    Flickr Story

    Five Card Story: Flowers, Books, Weddings, Cookies, and Campus Walk a ds106 story created by Alex Jaffee flickr photo by paulhami flickr photo by b4ssm4st3r flickr photo by JessicaMasulli flickr photo by ravnclaw89 flickr photo by ravnclaw89 Today I am going to read a book about weddings under the beautiful, pink flowers. Uh oh, my ...
  28. Alex Jaffee

    Design Assignment- The Big Hip Hop

    For the design assignment, I chose to do The Big Hip Hop by Tim Owens, which requires taking a photo from The Big Picture website and overlaying it with text from a Top 100 song. This photo was taken at a protest in Tunisia. The lyrics are from the song Lucky by Jason Mraz. I ...

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