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The Bench

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The Bench, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee.

This is the story of Henry the runaway dog. One day over winter break I was driving home from Wegmans with my fiance in the passenger seat when we saw a black lab running frantically down Princess Anne Street. As we were stopped at the intersection of Princess Anne Street and William Street, I said to my fiance, “You should get out and help the doggie!” He said ,”No those two kids will help the dog.” But then when the two kids noticed the dog they immediately turned around and walked back from where they had come! Again I say, “Let’s help the dog!” So my fiance hopped out of the car while I went to park. When I returned, my fiance had basically had to tackle the dog in order to get a hold of his collar. I then made a series of phone calls (the dog only had a rabies tag) and finally got in contact with the dispatcher from the Fredericksburg Police. While we were waiting at the bench (photographed detail from story) for a police officer to come pick the dog up, I named him Henry. I felt so bad for Henry because he had one of those painful collars that has spikes where if the dog pulls on the leash, the spikes dig into the dog’s neck. He was such a friendly dog, and I just wanted to take him home with us! After about 20 minutes, a police officer picked up Henry. The officer agreed to let us know if Henry didn’t get picked up by his owners. After about 10 days, I called the police department and the receptionist informed me that Henry was picked up by his owners. They were contacted through the animal hospital that his rabies tag was from. I hope that Henry’s owners are nice and that he is where he belongs. :)

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