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Personal Cyberinfrastructure & “No More Digital Facelifts”

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At the beginning of reading Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Gardner Campbell a lot of red flags and question marks arose.  I was confused on a lot of the terminology and phrases that were used.  To the point I was in search for words I recognized and was happy to see the name of some social networks I could really relate too in Twitter and Facebook.  However, continuing to read it was my exact questions that Mr. Campbell was referring too.  I have 2000+ followers on twitter and 3 different Facebook pages with over 1000+ friends on each, but I couldn’t understand half of what was said in the article about computers.  The scary part is I know more about computer than half of my teachers.  This is also addressed by Mr. Campbell because he believes that it starts with the instructors.  From the reading it is evident that DS106 is a class that shouldn’t be a choice at Universities but should be required in High Schools.  Once a student gets to college they have so much knowledge and are learning at such a fast past the internet should be the least of their troubles.

After watching “No More Digital Facelifts” (No Digital Facelifts ) the most repeated idea is that the internet is clearly taking over.  This is already a known fact; however, it is more ignored than accepted.  In the first couple of minutes a reference was given to newspapers.  I personally haven’t looked at a newspaper in 3 years!  I always get my information all blogs or twitter, which supports Gardner Campbell’s speech.  The image of the face lift REALLY caught my attention.  The woman seems to have her face pulled back, which seems painful but Mr. Campbell continues to sarcastically say she is enjoying the pulling.  After the numerous photos of face lifts he explains the concept behind it.  That people can’t just change something from writing to the web and expect people to follow.  People more specifically students should be taught from the basics.  Students should go through the whole process from domain and host to then learning the other levels of the internet.  Campbell goes far as to explain students should not only have their own social network but learn how to discover ways that allow you to know anyone that actually looks at your work.  Allowing you to further expand your reach outside of your friends.  Going as far as letting others criticize your work allowing you to expand your knowledge beyond your comfort zone.

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