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  1. Brandon Robenson

    Captain Iron

    I decided to do this combination of Captain America and Iron Man because whenever someone ask me, “Who is your favorite super hero” I am tired of saying I have to.  With combining them and calling the combination Iron Captain,  I will fi...
  2. Brandon Robenson

    Advice to Future Victims

    Digital Story telling is a VERY hard class to judge.  When hearing about DS106 all you here before you are actually in the class is that it is easy; however, this is FAR from the truth.  From day one the class has been VERY demanding.  Do to the fact that  you expect the class to ...
  3. Brandon Robenson

    Day Before Big Event

    The day before a huge event is always very stressful.  Just like anything else in life it seems that everyone wants to contact you right before something when they could have contacted you all week.  This week is very difficult because everyone seems to have your number when you know you didnt give it out ...
  4. Brandon Robenson

    Mash Up

    For my mash up I was really torn between doing a video and an image.  I decided to simply go along with the image mash up.  For my image mash up I decided to do the people I feel should have won Nba titles during times of other dominate players.  First is Karl Malone and ...
  5. Brandon Robenson

    Week of April 15th

    Around April 15th weekend is always a HUGE weekend for my promotional company because it is my business partners birthday weekend.  He is a very well known person in the Richmond area as a result numerous people feel obligated to party with him on his birthday weekend.  Since today is Tuesday and it is a good distance ...
  6. Brandon Robenson

    April 8th

    Last Friday was a real rough day for my promotional team because we needed to have a decent event in order to have a sell out the next week.  However, it was raining and thunder storming so the event ended up just being “alright”.  In the eyes of a promoter an “alright” event is one that ...
  7. Brandon Robenson

    Week of April 8th

    This week is once again hectic because it is the final week before all the big events happen as college slowly comes to an end.  Our approach for this week is to attack the VCU market because we had the VCU Basketball team confirm they would be at the event.   We will also be going after ...
  8. Brandon Robenson

    Weekend Filled With Events

    Friday  was very difficult for promoters in Richmond, Va.  A lot of promoters didn’t know whether they want ed to even hold parties on Friday because of the Final Four VCU game on Saturday.  The reason why some promoters were worried was because the day game day it seems like VCU students never go out. ...
  9. Brandon Robenson

    Mash Up!!!!!!

    The way people learn is always changing however one thing about learning that will always stay the same is the best way to teach yourself anything is when someone searches it themselves.  After reading the two articles it is clear that it will always be very difficult for people to keep up with the changes ...
  10. Brandon Robenson

    March 31

    ? I was kinda confused of when we were to begin our final project for #Ds106 but I was told today by Jim Groom that we should have started already.  Well today would be a great day to start updating you on my job that they call PROMOTING.  My company Climatic Nation does events every ...
  11. Brandon Robenson

    Dick Vitale’s Apology Web Story

    I changed the title to Dick Vitale’s Apology to VCU then I changed the paragraph at the bottom and deleted the Video. Below is the changed paragraph: As is the case every year when the NCAA men’s tournament bracket is released on Selection Sunday, there were plenty of teams that were given the cold shoulder ...
  12. Brandon Robenson

    Websites Gone Wacko

    Now in my #Ds106 class we have gotten to the segment where we change websites. I am going to work on changing a clothing website. I have yet to decide between Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. I want to change these website because numerous times a day I get spam email from some clothing companies ...
  13. Brandon Robenson


    When my group was first asked to make a 30 minute segment for ds106 radio we were very worried, but when Kelsey came up with the genius idea of doing 3o minutes of straight of radio our tasks got a lot easier. Doing 30 minutes of straight radio was easy in two aspects. First, was ...
  14. Brandon Robenson

    End Of Year Project

    For the weeks left in my #Ds106 class I will be allowing everyone to bare witness to the life I call promotion.  I have been a promoter for different clubs in the Richmond & DC area ever since I was 17 years old.  The months of March, April, and May are always the craziest because ...
  15. Brandon Robenson

    Favorite Assignments

    My favorite visual assignment was the 5 Card story.  I liked this assignment more than others because it put everyone on the same playing field.  No one could find more pictures than anyone else and no one could get better pictures than anyone else.  My story ended up being about a bug at a camp ...
  16. Brandon Robenson

    Web 2.0

    The internet has always been connect in my eyes.  When I read Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine’s article on Web 2.0 I felt they were speaking complete on how the internet is a bet spider web of information.  How everything has one common point and that is the internet itself.  Whether someone gets on the ...
  17. Brandon Robenson


    Taking about 30 minutes to look at different plugins and themes.  I ended up using a lot of the same ones I did on a previous blog I had.  After looking at numerous themes I ended up with the same Theme by NeoEase.  This theme is very professional and easy to follow which allows a lot ...
  18. Brandon Robenson

    First post

    My frustation level with finding the host and domain name could only be described with this video I have been laughing at for years.  I normally feel confident that I know what I am doing when it comes to computers but this first assignment made me think other wise.  I bought 2 domain names and ...

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