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Advice to Future Victims

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Digital Story telling is a VERY hard class to judge.  When hearing about DS106 all you here before you are actually in the class is that it is easy; however, this is FAR from the truth.  From day one the class has been VERY demanding.  Do to the fact that  you expect the class to be so easy at the beginning it really catches you off guard that you will actually not only have to give effort but spend numerous hours on assignments.  As a result you will have to lose the time you expected to spend on your other classes as well as a lot of pain and suffering from the headaches this class will give you.  Once you finally start to get the hang of the class you will REALLY get frustrated because of the fact that you got assignments so late, and you also were forced to try and teach yourself each assignment if you arent very computer smart.  For example, you are not just expected to know how to upload videos to youtube but to actually learn how to edit the videos on youtube.

With all this being said I would have to honestly say if time permits itself I would recommend this class because it teaches you a lot it is just a matter of whether you will be able to put the time and effort into the assignments.  You learn to let your creativity be seen and also how to use the many different essential parts that make up the world wide web today.

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