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Take a bath, Alice Glass

Posted by
Alice Glass

She is crazed.

Image borrowed from Zorzas. The photo’s cool but I’m a little freaked out by her lack of hygiene.

Okay, so she looks nasty, in the non-cool way. A friend of mine (whom I apparently need to disown) thinks of this lady as her style icon (lawl). So who is she? She is Alice Glass of Crystal Castle’s, a noisy, electronic, hip band. I’m dedicating time to posting about this because I’ve repeatedly written (on tumblr and facebook) about how horrible this music is. I feel the need to do this because Crystal Castles is the downfall of modern indie music. They are pretentious embodied. Either way, no one is receptive. Maybe it’s because I don’t use enough curse words??? So this time, I will let buddyhead rip on them (because they’re funny tastemakers)… GO!

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