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The End of Paper Magazines?

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Magazines are everywhere. If there is a hobby or sport or subject or career you like there is probably a magazine for it.  Many people pick them up at the grocery store or in book stores or even have them delivered every month to their own doorstep, but what if that changed?  What if instead of buying your monthly or weekly magazine, it showed up in one place on time, every time, guaranteed? Would it be better? Easier? Faster? More confusing? Is there such a thing as too much technology? I personally love having the actual paper magazine in hand. I won’t deny the advantages of an electronic alternative though.  Look how the ipod has transformed the way we view music. Now I can take all 6,000 of my favorite musical artists with me whenever and wherever I go.  Magazines may soon be in the same situation.  Imagine having every copy of Life, Time, or People.  What if you had every copy, every photo, quote, every piece of fashion advice all stored neatly in a computer that weighed the same or less than a spiral notebook? It’s the ipad for literature. Now whether this device (the video was created as of Dec 2009) is incorporated into the next generation of the ipad, and thus becomes obsolete, or if it goes on to exist on its own like the Barnes & Noble Nook we shall have to wait and see.

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