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  1. Charlotte Sandy

    Alum Springs

    There’s not much to do in lovely Fredvegas. There is a cute little park with a nice creek running through it.  You can hike along the creek and hang out. My friend and I went and I took photos…it’s been so long since I was last able ...
  2. Charlotte Sandy


    I am not a chef. My cooking abilities are very limited. I can however, bake pumpkin bread. This past year I began experimenting with chocolate pumpkin bread. I am excited to report that the results of my experiments have successful. Below are two loafs of chocolate pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. When you sprinkle the ...
  3. Charlotte Sandy

    Movie Essay

    Better late than never I guess. I had many issues with the software for this project.  Jim was amazing and helped me to figure it out. For once it wasn’t something I did wrong…other then taking forever to get this up here. I did Slumdog Millionaire. Directed by Danny Boyle, it won the 2008 Academy ...
  4. Charlotte Sandy

    Fandom…or Nerdom

    I’m a huge nerd. There I said it….now you know. Phew! I feel so much better now. I have been obsessed with mythology since middle school when I would check out any and all books relating the Greek/Roman Gods and Goddesses that I could get my preteen hands on.  I’m currently taking a mythology course ...
  5. Charlotte Sandy

    Visual Part Deux

    My dream car (the number one on my list should I win the lottery or become wealthy enough to enjoy it before I die) is the porsche carrera.  It is beautiful, powerful, and a quality car like no other. I’ve been in love since I first saw it…sometime before I was 10….and there is no ...
  6. Charlotte Sandy

    Design Part Deux

    So I have a cat. And I love her very much….even if she is the spawn of a feline satan. When I was in high school she would sleep on my school work if I got up from my desk.  Frustrating, yet incredibly adorable and I couldn’t be mad at her. Then she decided that ...
  7. Charlotte Sandy

    Final Part 3

    So the our rugby team made it to Nationals!!! We got to spend the 14-17 of April in Kissimmee, Florida.  It was hot and humid and we had to play during the hottest part of the day. It was one of the best weekends of the year. We didn’t make it to the final four ...
  8. Charlotte Sandy

    Dear Future DS106 Student,

    I want you to know that this is one of the most interesting, wonderful, challenging, and worthwhile classes you will ever take. It will push you to be creative, to think about things you’ve never known to exist before. It make you ask questions (many, many questions) like what is Audacity? and why does it ...
  9. Charlotte Sandy


    Here is my mash up! I love Lord of the Rings and I love Sassy Gay Friend. If you haven’t seen Sassy Gay Friend…allow me to enlighten you. If you haven’t seen or read The Lord of the Rings, (the books are much better…although Peter Jackson and cast did a fantastic job) you need to ...
  10. Charlotte Sandy

    Final Part 2

    This past Saturday the UMW Women’s Rugby Team played Georgetown.  I was sick and unable to play, but I did get to take some great shots of my teammates kicking butt on the pitch. This segment is about capturing the essence of a rugby game. If you’ve never played rugby before or the idea of ...
  11. Charlotte Sandy


    So we have to share some of our favorite mashups.  One of my favorites is Pogo’s reworking of famous movies into songs.  If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it. It’s amazing! And this… For those of you who love Buffy the Vampire Slayer or hate Twilight…this one is for you. It takes scenes ...
  12. Charlotte Sandy

    Final Project Part 1

    Today was the first nice day we’ve had in a long, long time….probably a month or so. I took the opportunity to snap some photos and hang out on Ball Circle in the sunshine with my friend Leigh. Since my final project is about capturing moments with a single frame I decided to try and ...
  13. Charlotte Sandy

    Movie Essay

    So….this turned out to be harder than expected. (Insert That’s What She Said Joke here).  I’ve literally spent the last six hours (plus half of yesterday and Thursday) trying and trying to get this to work. I had my movie picked out. One of the few films to ever make me cry was the 2008 ...
  14. Charlotte Sandy

    Lamb and McBride Articles

    We were assigned two articles this week to read.  They are about the new phenomenon of “mash ups” and “remixes”.   Lamb talks about how many people do not consider mash ups and remixes to be original works.  It’s almost impossible, unless you travel way back, to find a work, of any kind, that is ...
  15. Charlotte Sandy

    Final Project Prequel

    So I decide on photography for my final project…but before I start putting up me new photos I wanted to show you why I fell in love with photography in the first place. I started taking photography class my sophomore year of high school. My professor was this grouch of a man who despised the ...
  16. Charlotte Sandy

    Website Manipulation

    So this week we had to choose a website and change it to tell a story. I chose ebay.  Now if you’ve read all the Harry Potter books or at least seen the films you might see where I’m going with this. If you remember the sixth and seventh books, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, ...
  17. Charlotte Sandy

    Final Project

    I’ve decided that for my final project for ds106 I’m going to focus on photography.  I want to explore the many different ways I can use photography to capture a moment. I plan to post my experiments once a week here on my blog. I will try in incorporate some different projects from the visual ...
  18. Charlotte Sandy

    Sound Effect Story

    Here is my short story told through sound effects. It is an audio montage of how we get ready for the day. I was going to make it a little more detailed but Audacity had the audacity to unexpectedly quit on me several times while working on it. I decided to put up what I ...
  19. Charlotte Sandy

    What I Like About You…

    These past two weeks of Daily Shoot and design projects have been a real slice (anyone?). I loved trying to be creative and seeing what other people did. Megan M.’s project would be my ideal Valentine’s Day card. Also, Megan’s visual with Star Wars on Facebook is awesome!!!!! I love Star Wars and I can ...
  20. Charlotte Sandy

    Who Know?

    This is crazy…I’d heard about marketing strategy and getting a competitive edge…but this goes too far. I don’t think there should be or could be a law disallowing it, but people should hold themselves to a higher moral standard.
  21. Charlotte Sandy

    Fortunes for the Fictional

    I created five fortunes for several books and movies. They are vague in the lovable way that all fortunes are…that’s half the fun. Although all of them could be used in the context of many movies and books…I designed them for the following: Fortune 1: Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring, when ...
  22. Charlotte Sandy

    Icon Story Challenge

    Can you guess the movie? If not, then I shall tell you….The Sound of Music…you need to see it. The first image is Julie Andrews (Maria) as a nun. That was her occupation until she went to become a full time governess for the seven Von Trapp children. The seven children of Captain Von Trapp ...
  23. Charlotte Sandy

    Five Card Flickr Story

    Five Card Story: Five Card Flickr Story a ds106 story created by csandy91 flickr photo by paulhami flickr photo by ravnclaw89 flickr photo by paulhami flickr photo by paulhami flickr photo by leighblackall I decided to go for a hike one sunny morning. I climbed along a mountain path for a while before discovering a ...
  24. Charlotte Sandy


    Today’s Daily Shoot assignment was to pretend we were newspeople and to take a photo of something newsworthy.  This photo is not artistic, but then again, neither are most photos in the newspaper we read every day. UMW’s new Convocation Center appears close to completion.  I’m so excited because soon I will no longer have ...

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