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Final Project Part 1

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Today was the first nice day we’ve had in a long, long time….probably a month or so. I took the opportunity to snap some photos and hang out on Ball Circle in the sunshine with my friend Leigh. Since my final project is about capturing moments with a single frame I decided to try and capture Spring. Persephone is finally gracing us with her presence and her mother Demeter is rejoicing and blessing earth with flowers and fertility.

So on my way to Ball Circle I found some beautiful baby dogwood flowers just beginning to bloom.


I started the editing process for the image above by smoothing out the Levels and Curves. Both of these features affect the lighting (deepening shadows and lightening dark spots.) Then I selected the parts of the blooms that I wanted with the Quick Selection Tool. I then chose the inverse option and made the rest of the photo black and white so that the flowers would stand out more.


All I did for the above photo here was to adjust the Levels and Curves so that the lighting on the flowers would be properly displayed.

And while on Ball Leigh and I decided to truly not give a crap about what anyone thought and sat upside down in our chairs to get a different perspective on life…it’s a whole lot bigger upside down.


Here all I did was to lighten the photo slightly through adjustment of its Levels and Curves.

So this is how I experienced the day. I have no regrets. And for the first time in a long time…today felt great.

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