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Web 2.0 Storytelling

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These articles are really interesting. My mind is still spinning from everything I just read and tried to comprehend, but I know for sure that thanks to the internet and those that believe in its future that stories will never be the same again.  The whole idea that an author can chose which rights he or she retains and gives away to the public domain is astounding. My first thought would be that no one would willing give up the rights to the fruits of their labor.  However, in order for that specific work to reach its full potential, especially if input from outside sources is necessary, it is critical that others have access to it. A person can post anything and it can be altered by others, commented on, reblogged, twittered, linked, etc. It’s mind boggling and so incredibly cool.

I also never thought of the internet as a living thing. I mean, I understood that some websites were new or that others had been taken down, but to look at it as an organism that produces generation after generation of technological improvement and globalization (at least online if not physically, although with online shopping it translates to the real world, and one’s bank account quite quickly) is new to me.  I have experienced websites in the past with limited content or that presented a difficult layout through which you had to search night and day to find the information you were looking for.  Now it seems that the majority of well-used websites are making it as easy as possible for their users to get online and access anything they need.

The more I do in this class the more questions I have.

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