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Not Impressed

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I have finally found the technical expertise that justifies my intense dislike for 3D movies. Don’t even get me started on 3D television….it’s called REAL LIFE people…get off your lazy buts and go live it.  Go run, play a sport, go to a concert….because there is no way that 3D could ever be cooler than being actually being somewhere yourself.  Why go on vacation when you could go to Europe in 3D? No need to actually make an effort, just put on your snazzy glasses it’s like you’re there. Or you could actually GO, physically to that amazing place or concert or sporting event. I’m all for cool technology (I have my own blog, albeit for a class), but I would never choose it over going out in the real world.

That’s not to say that technology isn’t part of the real world or beneficial to many people. This rant is specifically about my dislike of 3D. That is all…life is too cool to be lived in front of a television screen.

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