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My trip to London and Paris

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During the summer before my senior year of high school, I was lucky enough to go to Europe with my mom and dad. I still think it was the most unbelievable two weeks of my life and I’ll  never forget it.

The plane ride to London was pretty traumatic. It was 6 hours long and I wasn’t able to get any sleep. In result, once we arrived I felt like going to sleep but it was already 6 in the morning. When we got to our hotel all we wanted to do was sleep. Our room wasn’t ready and we feel asleep on the sofas in the lobby. We were staying at a great hotel on north side of London called Knightsbridge. Our hotel was only a few blocks away from the world famous store Harrods. The food was a lot better than I was expecting and most restaurants had hamburgers or pizza. Unfortunately everything was  more expensive in London than in the US. We visited so many things during our stay it’s hard to rember them all. We were able to take London subway to most of are destinations. All three of us had our favorite parts of the trip .My dad enjoyed visiting the the prime meridian and the national Maritime Museum at the village of Greenwich.  My mother loved visiting Wimbledon and watching her favorite athlete in the world Roger Federer. My favorite part was visiting  St Paul Cathedral.  I still thinks it’s the most beautiful building the world. After a week we to a short one hour plane ride to the second part of our trip, Paris.

Paris  seemed a lot different than London. It was a lot cheaper. Paris was such a beautiful city and we saw everything that tourist usually see. We must of went to 3 or 4 different art museums.  We managed to fight the crowds and see the Mona Lisa. It was a lot small than I expected.I enjoyed the food a lot better in Paris. I even tried es-cargo. My favorite part of Paris was probably climb to the top of Notredame. I also the enjoyed  visiting Saint Chappele. . We spent a whole day in louvre and took almost 700 pictures. I didn’t really understand how famous some of the paintings  were until I took art history at Mary Washington.  One day we went to go visit Versailles which was beyond amazing, You could never imagine how someone build something so beautiful

I could write forever about this trip. I feelt so privledged to be able to go to Europe at my age. I told all my friends about the trip and they all wished they could have gone. It was the most beautiful trip of a lifetime.

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