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    My reflections of DS106

    I think DS106 is a really amazing class. Unlike other classes that are very structured, Ds106 allows the student s to decide what assignment they want to do. I really loved this class and I’ve really discovered how creative I really am. My favorite assignment by far  the final project. I’ve never had an assignment ...

    Final Project: A Kubrickian Mashup

    Please READ BEFORE WATCHING Along with this video are two supplementary posts. One offers my own in depth analysis of the video and Kubrick’s work. I take you step by step through every aspect of the video. After you watch the video and are interested in a more critical analysis of the work click HERE. ...

    Letter to future Digital storytelling student

    Dear prospective storytelling students First and foremost this class should be at the top of your grocery list for next semester. What I think is so great about this class is that it is so unorthodox. Not many college classes today offer the students to truly express the full extent of their creativity. Never have ...

    final project update

    Almost finished my final project on the Stanley Kubrick films mashup. I can say that Im really proud of it but what I have left is the really tough monotonous part where I have to make sure the music goes with the video.

    Project update

    Hey guys I’m really reluctant about revealing any content for my final project because it really is only one thing and is not in chunks. I am having so much fun and I am getting a really good understanding of Kubrick’s way of directing. The song that I’m using for the body of the work is ...

    The Mashup Musuem

    Since for my final project I am doing a video mashup, I decided to go visual on this one. I really enjoy art history and I also like playing around with photoshop. I knew I had to find paintings that were easy to identify, so the audience could fully understand the changes. Ive also added the ...

    Work in progress

    CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL SCALE! Hey guys this is the progress I have for the mashup assignment. I’m not sure if I’m gonna continue with this or do something else, im still debating. I chose not to do a video mashup because I’m doing that for my final project. I used Van Gogh’s ...

    Project update

    Ive started working on my final project. I am really excited that were now getting into video. I’m having so much fun. I have I the clips that I want to use for the video. If found that fastest YouTube down loader was really bad. I usually go to to download the videos. I ...

    Video Essay: The Village

    I decided to do my Video essay about one of my favorite movies, The Village. I think this movie is really underrated because I think the audience was expecting to be really scared and the movie wasn’t that scary. During the video essay I talk about my favorite scene and why I think this movie ...

    The world of Mashups

    I think the author’s argument it the article Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue is very inspiring and fresh. I think it’s important for someone to express his or her creativity and I think it still counts as creating even if you are altering someone else’s work. I think that education today is boring and not ...

    Final project update V2

    Ive now really started working on my video montage and I thinks it’s really exciting. I now am remembering how much I loved Kubrick unique style of directing. Im using two classical songs in the background but I want to leave it as a surprise. YouTube down loader has been a major help for me. ...

    Final Project Update

    I have chosen the songs and clips that I want to use for the montage. I am excited that were just now getting into video right in time. One problem I am facing is that I want It to be original from the hundreds of Kubrick montages on youtube. There is really on four classical ...

    My Final Project (Video)

    I’m really interested in film and particularly the work of Stanly Kubrick. I want to do a video montage of his movies focusing on is distinct style of filming and how his style has developed throughout his carrier. I’m going to use IMovie and Youtube to create the video. I plan to use every movie ...


    The first radio show I listened to was the Angstas and I thought their impressions were quite amusing. My favorite impression was the one about Adolf Hitler. I loved the accent he used and he was very funny. I had no idea that he wanted to go to art school. I thought I was a ...

    What the font? HAL: Tutorial

    I knew this assignment would be kinda of challenge, but that was just more incentive to do it. I had to pick an image that was basic yet one that was recognizable. 2001 A Space Odyssey is one of my favorite movies and I though HAL would be familiar to some people at least. I ...

    Jaws Movie Poster: Tutorial

    First thing I did was search, Shark Clip Art, in Google Images and I eventually found this. Next, I wanted to the same Jaws font they used in the movie so I searched, Jaws font, and I found one that looked identical. It was called Amity Jack I knew it would be pretty cool to ...

    Final Project

    I know this was meant to be done last week. But I still don’t have an idea what to do for my final project.  I really enjoy messing around in photoshop and flickr. Mabye ill edit some pictures or something, IDK.

    My impression of Radio

    After reading “RADIO, an Illustrated Guide”, I felt like I had a brand new perspective on Radio and how it works. Ira Glass”s videos help reinforce my idea that sometimes radio can be difficult when you first start, but it has it’s rewards in the end. I chose to listen to the radio story tilted Heretic. ...

    RADIO, an Illustrated Guide: Response

    After reading, RADIO, an Illustrated Guide I’ve realized how challenging the road to Radio success actually is. I never knew it took so much work to make a Radio story. I can’t believe the interviewers only would use 20 minutes of tape for a really long interview. The whole process seemed really interesting. While your ...

    Street View Story: Barney Rubbles Troubles

    View Larger Map The year is 2525. The prime minister of England was planned to make an important announcement on national television. Barney Rubble and the rest of his fellow Englanders were waiting anxiously for the Prime ministers announcement. Barney worked as a caretaker of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The night before, Barney had ...

    The Least Productive Day Ever

    Five Card Story: This Least Productive Day Ever a ds106 story created by Robert flickr photo by cogdogblog flickr photo by Intrepid Flame flickr photo by cogdogblog flickr photo by snakepliskens flickr photo by ellipticalgalxy One Saturday John got up and was thinking about the all the stuff he had planned to do that day. ...

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