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My impression of Radio

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After reading “RADIO, an Illustrated Guide”, I felt like I had a brand new perspective on Radio and how it works. Ira Glass”s videos help reinforce my idea that sometimes radio can be difficult when you first start, but it has it’s rewards in the end. I chose to listen to the radio story tilted Heretic. I thought it was very interesting and it took advantage of the mechanical techniques of a story described by Ira Glass. Like Ira said, each event ties into the next thing to keep the reader hooked. I thought the quality of the interview was very impressive also. I like that they used recording from other events to enhance the story. While listening to the story I remembered that half of the stories collected  by American Life are thrown away, they are not thought of as interesting enough tot go int he radio. I appreciate all the work that goes in to the radio. It’ s not just some care less thing some people throw together. I also liked  the music and how it enhanced the mood of the story. I noticed many things about the Heretic story that I would not have prior to reading the comic book and listening to Ira. I noticed the pauses and breathes that were taken between the sentences. I was so intrested in the story I didn’t realize that it was an hour long and felt like 10 minutes. Ira Glass explains that the process of bringing a news story to the radio is far more complex than  I had thought before. I have a brand new respect for public radio and Ira Glass.

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