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Supplementary Post: Final Project: A Kubrickian Mashup, Proof of Authenticity

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I chose to do this post not only as proof to my professor that I actually did my project myself, but also for my own self-satisfaction. I’m really proud of my mashup and it took me a lot of time and effort. I could have easily found a mashup on youtube and put ending credits on it. I was thinking, how could Martha really tell if I actually did this myself. On youtube there are an unbelievable amount Kubrick mashups. Yet, it was my own personal way of compiling the clips and syncing the music that really made this product of my own creativity. Like I said, the main reason for doing this is because Im proud of my work, I’m proud of myself for creating this and I guess I just don’t want anyone to think that I would steal because I’m insecure about creative capabilities. I’m not, this project and this class have shown me how creative I really am.


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