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Jaws Movie Poster: Tutorial

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First thing I did was search, Shark Clip Art, in Google Images and I eventually found this.

Next, I wanted to the same Jaws font they used in the movie so I searched, Jaws font, and I found one that looked identical. It was called Amity Jack

I knew it would be pretty cool to have like the deep, dark scary ocean. I decided to open photo shop and create a gradient layer from the bottom of the canvas. I made the canvas height and width 640×420. I then changed the color to a dark purplish blue.

I knew one point of the poster was for it to be minimalist. So instead of putting the whole shark I put the top curvature. The audience can still get the idea that it’s a shark but it’s also minimalist.

I then opened word and typed out the word jaws and the actors and director’s nameFinally I put the whole thing together and came out with the final project.

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