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My reflections of DS106

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I think DS106 is a really amazing class. Unlike other classes that are very structured, Ds106 allows the student s to decide what assignment they want to do. I really loved this class and I’ve really discovered how creative I really am. My favorite assignment by far  the final project. I’ve never had an assignment were you could do literally anything you wanted.
Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director and I was excited that I could make a mashup about his movies.
I think digital storytelling is the only class were I was actually excited to do my assignments. I think it’s important for everyone to express themselves artistically and this class gives students that opportunity. I like that the professor made the students comments on other people posts. It’s important to get positive feedback and feel like your work matters. I plan on keeping all of my artwork saved on the computer, I don’t think I will continue with  the blog. If I feel like I do want to start It up again I probably would  do something free on blogger.

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