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Inappropriate Laughter

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I tend to laugh when things get uncomfortable, which in turn makes things more uncomfortable and then I laugh more.  A vicious cycle, really.

One example of this takes place the summer of 2006, the year I graduated High School and the summer that Little Miss Sunshine came to theaters.  I asked a couple of friends if they would go and see it with me.  The movie is advertised as a comedy and for the most part, it was a funny movie.  However, some more somber scenes are peppered in there.

Now, I hate crying in front of anybody, especially my friends.  I have this image to uphold, I suppose.

However, there is this one scene where the son in the family realizes he is color blind and can no longer follow his dream to become a pilot and starts to freak out in the van.

I started to tear up.

To prevent myself from crying in front of my friends, I started thinking of some (most likely immature) joke one of my friends told me earlier that day.

But instead of the hilarity canceling out the sadness, it overtook it.  Too much hilarity!

While my friends are reacting like normal human beings of the movie, I’m spouting out inappropriate laughter and being “that guy” disturbing everyone’s movie experience.

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