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  1. mollyw

    I’d pay 10 bucks to see this movie.

    Final assignment, make three movie posters for DS106. We had three people in our group so we each did one.  Makes sense. First one is Stacy’s: Ashley’s: And mine: The idea was to tell a story of taking the class, beginning to end.  First, utter confusion of what this class was.  Second, extreme frustration from ...
  2. mollyw


    Final thoughts on this class… Going into this class, I had little clue what it was about. I figured something like vlogging or making videos would be what it was most about.  I was mostly wrong.  Honestly, I took this class because I wanted something that wouldn’t be too challenging in my last semester here ...
  3. mollyw

    Flickr Average Composition

    by For this visual assignment, you were to take 50 images from a flickr search and average them all together.  There were step by step instructions for this but not for the version of photoshop I have.  So instead of an easy couple of clicks, it turned into me adjusting the opacity for each individual ...
  4. mollyw

    Jersey Shore…for kids!

    by This took longer than I had expected it to but here is the end result.  It’s pretty obvious it’s hand drawn (especially with the text) but it’s the best I could do with my limited knowledge on graphics. I debated on whether using the whole cast or just three characters like on the actual ...
  5. mollyw

    Smoosh room mashup plan

    So, my plan for the mashup. I really like one of the submitted assignments on Jim’s course website It’s where you take a children’s book and mash it with some cultural aspect. I choose Jersey Shore. It has to be Jersey Shore. The first idea I had was to use “If You Give A Mouse ...
  6. mollyw

    Dexter asks the internet

    After playing around with the html and learning by trial and error (a lot of error, actually), I put together what it might look like if Dexter Morgan from Shotime’s “Dexter” reached out to the internet community for some advise. Mostly I altered the text, but I also changed the avatars for the commenters and ...
  7. mollyw

    Camera woes

    So I attempted my first hauling video with my digital camera.  Foiled. I tried to make a makeshift stand to it would be at my level to record me but it was still off and I ended up moving around a bit and overall it was awks.  I didn’t like it.  I’m not posting it.  ...
  8. mollyw

    Look What I Found at Goodwill, Internet

    So, I’ve decided on what to do for my final project and it is none of the ideas my first brainstorm post came up with. Ready? Hauling videos. Yes.  Hauling videos.  Those awful, hard to watch videos with girls talking into the camera telling the interweb about what they just bought. example: Dear god, they’re ...
  9. mollyw

    Luke Skywalker is not gay, dammit

    So I picked to listen to “Famous Angstas” mostly because I knew the three who made it and wanted to make fun of it to them later. The gist of the show was taking historical and fictional characters and having them rant as if they were teens.  This was an assignment idea for an audio ...
  10. mollyw

    This American Life listen

    This week, we had to watch Ira Glass talk about storytelling. It was broken up into 4 parts, each focusing on a different point. Part one went over the two building blocks for stories on the radio; anecdotes and a moment of reflection. An anecdote is simply a sequence of actions. Glass emphasizes that action ...
  11. mollyw

    Final Project Brainstorm

    I may not be too good with computers, but I do love the interweb.  I’m not sure what is really realistic for a project (considering resources needed ie. the tech) but I do find things on the internet amusing.  For example: Autotune – I believe you can do this with Audacity.  I love “Auto-tune the ...
  12. mollyw

    Five Card Flickr

    For the Five Card Flickr challenge ( My attempt: This was more challenging than I thought it would be.  I first tried to think of a simple storyline and then hopefully come across pictures that could somehow fit in.  Foiled.  Then I gave up and tried again the next day and was inspired by ...
  13. mollyw

    Playlist Poem

    I took a stab at the “Stories written in Windows Media assignment.” I don’t have that much music on my computer but as I was scrolling through, I picked up on a theme...
  14. mollyw

    Storytelling in Customer Service

    I picked customer service reading (How Ritz-Carlton Maintains its Mystique  since I actually work in customer service for some large, terrible chain that shall not be named and wondered how storytelling would be used in this setting. The storytelling is used to inspire its staff to go above and beyond to serve guests at ...
  15. mollyw

    Inappropriate laughter 2.0

    To retell the first story, I used to make a video. Here is the finished product: My intention was it to look like there was a narrator and an extra character to act out some of the story, but both playing myself (if that makes sense). Making it was not too difficult. The voice ...
  16. mollyw

    Web 2.0 Reaction

    The part of the Web 2.0 reading that most caught my attention was when the authors said that the outcome of web 2.0 and micropublishing could drastically lower the bar for “participation and publishing” ( pg. 42) because there is some really unintelligent content out on the internet that one would possibly never see published ...
  17. mollyw

    Inappropriate Laughter

    I tend to laugh when things get uncomfortable, which in turn makes things more uncomfortable and then I laugh more.  A vicious cycle, really. One example of this takes place the summer of 2006, the year I graduated High School and the summer that Little Miss Sunshine came to theaters.  I asked a couple of ...
  18. mollyw

    “I’m learning some great moves off this guy.”

    For the GIF, I picked my favorite television show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  This particular scene always has me laughing.  It’s unbelievable how in sync Dee is dancing with the, um, not sure what you call those inflatable, dancing, tube guys. Making the GIF wasn’t too difficult, just time consuming.  I downloaded Jing so ...

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