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Luke Skywalker is not gay, dammit

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So I picked to listen to “Famous Angstas” mostly because I knew the three who made it and wanted to make fun of it to them later.

The gist of the show was taking historical and fictional characters and having them rant as if they were teens.  This was an assignment idea for an audio project on the website and they turned it into a 30 minute production.

There were appearances by Hitler, Napoleon, George W. Bush, Sacajawea (my favorite), a random teen named “Simon” (“Her skin is so smooth between her acne.” Probably my favorite line.),  Hermione, Luke Skywalker, and Lord Voldemort.

Essentially I thought it was well written, performed, and edited.  All performances of angst had fitting background music playing which was a good choice to have.  In between angsty rants were commercials or music.

Only criticism I have is that they played the Harry Potter music too long but I’m assuming they did that to kill time.  Totally understandable.  It was difficult to fill a 30 minute radio show.

Oh! Another criticism!  “For you Star Wars Freaks….”  That’s how you’re going to introduce Skywalker’s entries?  You had two Harry Potter entries.  Two!  Don’t go judging other nerds, nerds.  AND you made him gay!?  How dare you!

If you missed it when it aired, the show is also available here:


As for my radio show, production was a challenge.  Well, that wasn’t the first challenge.  That would be finding a meeting a time for all three members of a group.  All three of us had part time jobs, and then add class plus extra curriculars  (as in sports or clubs), the hardest part was finding a time where we were all free.  This is why I’m not a fan of group work in classes.  Not because I hate working with others, but because scheduling is a pain in the ass.  At one point, I made a schedule of all our free time, matched them up, and literally the only part where all three of us were free was the hour before class.

Because of limited group time, it took a while before we knew what each of our tasks would even be for the show.  Spring break in the middle of the assignment didn’t help much either.  We were rarely able to meet and discuss where we wanted to do with the show.  Ok, done ranting.  Maybe the angsty radio show got to me.

We ended up with the premise of an already existing radio station being taken over by Zombies during their uprising.  I loved this idea.  It would end up being a radio show directed to a zombie audience.

My group was awesome.  Shout out to the Syndicate!  We stayed up late as there was no other time to do it, and ended up putting it all together last minute.  All things considered, I think it turned out well.

I would have rather done individual smaller audio assignments instead of the 30 minute assignment but what’s done is done.  Now to tackle the next assignment.  Bring it on.

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