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My Sisters Big Bird DUI Test

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My first story is about my sister.  I chose a story about my sister because my family and I are all very close.   We are military so we have moved many times.  Every time you move to a new place you have no friends, no close family, just each other.  I only have one older sister and then my mom and dad.  My sister is completing a doctorate right now to become a physical therapist.  School takes up a lot of her time and when I get a phone call from her I cherish it because normally she does not have time to talk ha.  So the day after Halloween I get a call from my sister and I immediately answer.  “Hey” I say and we talk for a little catch up and then not out of no where my sister says, “I was pulled over last night.”  I was not that worried because I knew my sister had NOT been drinking that night and was the designated driver for all her friends.  Her next words were, “No I was not drinking but the police officer decided to give me a DUI test.”  At first I did not understand why this was such a big deal until I had just remembered that my sister that night had dressed up in a ridiculous costume as Big Bird from Sesame Street.  This costume included beak, feet, big birds butt and a full body costume of Big Bird.  So, as my sister proceeded to tell the story I started laughing with the image of my sister in a big bird costume walking the line in front of police officers, attempting her ABC’s backwards, touching her nose.  She said that she had the cop car surrounding her lights shined on her on the side of the road for all to see as she completed the tasks involved in a DUI test in her BIG BIRD COSTUME ha.   Once the police officer made her do all these ridiculous things in her costume they gave her a breathalyzer.  After the breathalyzer the officer goes “you blow a zero,” my sister looks at him and goes, “I told you I was not drunk idiot.”  O Halloween nights ha.  

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