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  1. val

    What to take away …

    So, after this whole semester I learned so much from this class. This class is the only computer class I have ever taking in my life and thought that it was going to be a lot simpler to learn these computer processes than it really was. I love the fact that now I can make ...
  2. val


    Blacksburg Berry – slideshow dvd Well here it is my final project is all done. I can not believe after taking Berry with me to every place possible for the past semester that our adventures are done. I actually am going to miss looking like a total freak in public taking pictures of a ...
  3. val


    Berry just got back from New York today so I am working on getting those pictures uploaded from his last trip and adding them to the scrapbook/slideshow and have to do some last minute slideshow/scrapbooking editing but its definitely getting there
  4. val

    Hangover or Dads of the Year?

    So when creating my fan fic project I wanted to do something funny.  So I took what I thought is the funniest movie ever “The Hangover” and put a spin on it as if the movie was about the Dads of the Year.  In reality though the movie is about how these guys get so ...
  5. val

    GOT IT …

    So i found a perfect slideshow program online (kiosk) and I am doing my project as if Berry is like showing his adventures and narrating them in a scrapbook I think it is just oging to be one big slideshow but each new adventure will have a new song ...
  6. val

    Berry with the grandparents again ha …

    First of all thanks everyone for the ideas of what to do with berrys pictures great ideas! This weekend though I am going to the beach with some friends and since Berry has already been to the beach with me once I am attempting to send him home to be babysit by my parents whoa ...
  7. val

    War Scenes Mash Up

    So my group and I worked on our mash up tonight and it seems to becoming along really good.  We are doing a theme of war scenes with at first like a nice funny song “your my best friend” and then we turn it into a more dramatic song to show you how much of ...
  8. val

    thinking about mashing it up …

    So for the mashup project I am grouped up and we are thinking about either doing a movie mash up or maybe a music mash up.  We have not discussed it much further yet we are thinking about either a good movie or a good music idea for now.  Its been a brainstorming week ha ...
  9. val

    Future DS 106 Cyber Students

    If you plan on taking this class and have an old crappy PS I would reconsider taking this class.  Maybe wait until you get an updated computer before taking this class because if not it really makes this class a lot more difficult than it needs to be.  I am not in any way telling ...
  10. val


    So, I took Berry with me all over campus for this past week.  Including classes, cki induction ceremonies, sea receptions, showering with me ha, gym, work, and more!  So, now I have three main events that Berry has been too these are: Blacksburg/Virginia Teach for the weekend, Virginia Beach (in the rain) for the weekend, ...
  11. val

    The Notebook As I See It

    Here is my youtube video for my commentary on the notebook as I see it.  It took a lot of time and energy but I used simply an add on for firefox and then I picked scenes I liked trimmed them down and then commented on certain parts of the movie.  I know it is ...
  12. val


    I just spent 5 hours waiting for my wonderful PC to encode and rip a dvd onto my computer so that I could work on my video tonight because I have a lot of other things to do this week for it to get to title 23 of 24 and tell me that it did ...
  13. val

    Too Restricted Or Not?

    I just finished reading both Praxis 2.0 article and the Dr. Mashup article and as an education major some of this hit home for me in the ways as a teacher you are so restricted to teaching.  As teachers you feel like your curriculum is very limited due to what you can and cannot say ...
  14. val

    The Elephant Grins at HTML :)

    So, I had some major difficulties doing this project not with the html work but rather with the saving part. Apparently the website i chose is very picky about how to save it but thanks to Martha I think i finally have it saved right and I am pretty excited about my final work ha. ...
  15. val

    College or NO?

    I am trying to decide whether to take pictures of Berry throughout a day of college with me.  Like class, the nest for lunch, the gym, typical everyday routine.  Or would that be too boring of a project?
  16. val

    My parents good grandparents to Berry?

    So my mom and dad went to New York this weekend to visit family but unfortunately i had to go to a school related retreat.  So instead i asked my parents to BABYSIT berry for the week and take some pictures for me on their trip to New York.  Well let me just say I am now ...
  17. val

    The radio is not just music

    The first 30 minute radio I listened to was Bonaroo Radio.  During this radio show their music in the background made me feel very very calm.  The music really low playing with their voices really draws you in.  Great job with these sound effects guys!  I also think the part about September 11th was very ...
  18. val

    Rain Rain Go Away

    BERRY JUST WANTS TO BE OUTSIDE!  Berry took a LONG adventure this past week all the way to Boston and back but the SILLY rain would only allow a picture of berry in the car and it pouring down rain working on it though starting to think berry needs some sort of rain coat or ...
  19. val

    Mission Accomplished KIND OF

    So … Berry went to both Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) and the beach.  We took lots of pictures together but unfortunately at the beach it was RAINING.  Berry does not do well in the rain he is not really suppose to get wet he sort of gets WEIGHED DOWN ha.  So we took as many pictures as we ...
  20. val


    So for my final project I am officially doing a project just like the Nanner story but this time we have a new character named BERRYY Berry received his name because he is first of all a bear and second of all red like a berry.  For my project I plan on taking Berry through ...
  21. val

    Parking Radio Show

    Sooooooo, listening to everyones radio shows now and I feel as if were not as funny at all haha.  We took more of a serious aspect on an open ended question on the UMW parking.  Our first 5 minutes is really only an intro to have students think about how they feel about UMW parking ...
  22. val

    American Life “Switched at Birth”

    I listened to the story “Switched at Birth” from American Life radio international.  As I first started listening to this story I was really not interested and the introduction did not grab my attention at all.  The characters voices one was way too “movie style voiced” and the other was crying and tearing up so ...
  23. val

    Nanner goes to NY with me :)

    I did the visual assignment of taking a buddy with you everywhere you go and I choose this one because this weekend I went to New York so it was  lot of fun to photograph Nanner everywhere I went.  Unforunately Nanner is not with us anymore but he sure was a great companion for 4 ...
  24. val

    Reflection on Radio

    After reading the thirty pages of Radio my outlook on digital storytelling on the radio has a whole new aspect.   I will be honest when I first purchased this book in my mind I was thinking “seriously I am wasting my time reading a comic book.”  I first started skimming it thinking okay just need ...

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