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My thoughts on Web 2.0

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Reading the article on Web 2.0 Storytelling has forced me to rethink what it means to publish any information on the Internet. I never realized the gravity of simple blog post or a video on Youtube.  Now there is way for anyone to easily express him or herself and share their ideas with anyone else.  The Internet is constantly becoming more accessible for people to use. A result of this simplification is Web 2.0. Now there is no longer an excuse to NOT take advantage of the growing digital storytelling phenomena. More and more people are realizing that sharing information is not only stimulating for themselves but for everyone else. The Internet is now not only a place of comprehension and understanding but also a place for the users to criticize and influence.

Today there are so many mediums through which one can share their creativity. Youtube has become an Internet sensation and has opened a whole new world of discussion. The article mentioned micro content, which allows the users to post and direct their attention to a segment of information rather than a large body of text. I feel that these quick exchanges of information can act as catalyst to the digital storytelling world and are an essential part of Web 2.0. The ability of making posting easy and fast can allow more users to offer their opinion The article also pointed out that micro content could gather people with shared interests and generate discussions. Also the speed at which someone can access information is faster than ever. A person may see a video on Youtube and then write a post about on their bog, which is then linked to someone’s facebook. Web 2.0 can create a chain of information, which can be seen by billions of people.

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been telling stories to one another. Web 2.0 is revolutionary in the way these stories are told. No longer is a story merely read and comprehended, its now easily discussed and available to anyone. Also, Web 2.0 encourages people to be interested in art and culture. I feel that Web 2.0 is here to stay. I think of it’s wonderful that Web 2.0 allows anyone to freely express themselves and feel like their opinion really has some meaning in the world. I think it’s important for every one to fell like they can make a difference and not just blend in with the crowd. Web 2.0 will help improve the people of today and in the years to come.

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