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Struggles Along The Way

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So building my site took some serious time and thought but I think I finally understand what I am suppose to be doing.  The biggest struggle I had while making my webpage was how to redirect my blog.  I had a site but had no clue where to blog, how to redirect my blog, how to change my theme, and how to install word press.  Finally, after installing word press 7 times onto my desktop and not understanding how to get it onto my webpage a friend helped me realize that you  have to install wordpress directly onto your webpage not on your desktop ha.  My next struggle was redirecting.  I understood how to do the process but I was confused as to where to direct.  So at first i had it just directed to UMW blogs and then I realized you needed to redirect it to your blog ha.  So, after I got through those 2 struggles my webpage I THINK is up and running now ha. =)

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