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Who DOESN’T like peeing in bottles?

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Alright, so here’s my story and I think it’s going to be pretty long and poorly written so bear with me. Back in my highschool days I was a little shit. Well, thinking back on it I was, but at the time everything was funny. Actually I still think it was all funny haha. Anyways this story takes place my junior year of highschool. Me and my two best friends Ryan and Mike were all in band together and I guess you could label us the class clowns. We would always do stupid shit we thought we was funny to try to get a few laughs. This particular day, we were done with practicing and just waiting for the period to end, I came up with a brilliant idea : “Let’s pee in some bottles and leave them in someone’s instrument locker!” Of course there was no argument, so we found an empty Snapple and proceeded to relieve ourselves in them. We decided our other friend named Mike would appreciate the joke rather than get offended, and the next day when he found it he thought it was funny. With this appreciation of our joke, we decided it would be even funnier to pee in more bottles! For the next couple days we filled up some bottles and left them in instrument lockers. I don’t remember how long they were there but next thing we knew, the administration had gotten involved after someone found them and told our teacher. For the next couple months they were trying to figure out who had done it, and the whole band was threatened with the possibility of losing our spring trip to Florida. This eventually scared someone enough to tell on us (everyone in the whole band knew it was us). They first got to my friend Mike and he was scolded and suspended. I would have been nabbed the same day, but I had left school early in the morning to go to my States swim meet at George Mason. He called me up and told me what happened and I almost passed out. Despite all the stupid shit I had done in school I had NEVER gotten in trouble like this, I was a good kid. The whole rest of the day I was scared that there would be administrators waiting at the meet to take me away (GMU is only like 15 min from my highschool). After a whole day of stressing, it dawned on me that they would just get me after the weekend. And they did just that, my first period class I was taking a precalc test and I was called to my subschool principal’s office where my fate would be handed out after being told how disgusting I was and how even though my principal had been in a frat in college he never did anything as disgusting as that. The sentence : five days suspension. These five days turned out to be two weeks because I had the whole week off and then the next week was Spring Break, so rather than a punishment it was a vacation! My parents were pissed but they got over it, and they were working everyday so I’d sleep in and then go hang out with Mike and Ryan. When we got back to school, all our teacher’s knew about what we did and most of them thought it was funny. Who knew suspension could be so fun?

The Three Douchebags

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