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This was a very interesting article to me because recently I have been big into watching the show Rescue Me, which is about firefighters in New York City. The idea seems very simplistic but is an awesome idea. It is using the modern age of technology to help firefighters around the world to communicate with each other and share these unique experiences with each other that not many other people can relate with. The site is small now but I can see it growing and expanding into a huge database of advise and stories for firefighters around the globe. The fact that this database connects firefighters from many different cites and locations that it gives a wide variety of different experiences and stories that some firefighters many not ever see at their station. I am so fascinated by this site because I love how it is a direct result of the modern age of technology and social networking. Now that the technology is available why not use it? I can see this type of database spreading into other professions, like pilots or chefs, as just a type of forum where ideas can be spread or stories shared. And with all of that wealth of experience available with the touch of a few keys, who couldn’t be excited about that?

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