1. Robbie

    Ladies and Gentlemen…


    Ladies and Gentlemen here is our final project.  Yes it was a long time coming with a lot of hard work and dedication and a lot of scrapes and bruises but it has been completed.  It was actually kind of hard to edit and film everything and some of the …

  2. Robbie

    The deadline approaches….


    As the final project deadline approaches things are getting hectic here on the set of our longboarding video.  Footage has been shot and we just need to shoot some more stuff and then begin the final editing and polishing stage.  I think everyone is really going to like the video, …

  3. Robbie

    Future Ds106ers


    Dear Future Ds106ers,

    To all of you eager and supple young minds who are looking for an interesting class to take for fun or for a Gen Ed requirement, look no further.  Digital Storytelling, or CPSC 106, is a really fantastic class that is basically a combination of an English …

  4. Robbie

    War Remix


    Here is the link to the YouTube version.

    Here is the link to the Vimeo version.

    Not to sure how long they will stay up.

    Valerie, Marc, Robbie

    Coming up with this idea was actually funny because we were in class and watching YouTube videos when all of a sudden …

  5. Robbie

    The Weather Gods have answered our prayers


    Well it seems like the weather gods have decided to be nice and allow for us to film some mighty fine longboarding.  Marc and I are going to do some filming this week in order to give you guys a teaser clip of what our final project is all about.  …

  6. Robbie

    Mashin Up Up and Away


    This article by Melanie McBride and this article by Brian Lamb both deal with the modern phenomena of mash-ups and remixes.  In todays modern society remixes are found everywhere from music to movie (music being my personal favorite) and are almost a day to day commonality in our society.  We …

  7. Robbie

    Damn you Weather!


    Well as the weather starts to turn our final project starts to take shape.  My friend Marc and I were going to start filming our final project idea (longboarding) this week but the weather has decided against this.  This weekend’s weather does not look promising but next week looks like …

  8. Robbie

    Failed Attempts at HTML


    Alright so I have never worked with html code before so as of right now here is a snapshot of the site I edited.  Still trying to figure stuff out and how to put everything else up on my blog.

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