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Radio: A lost and forgotten Art

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Making this radio show was quite the interesting experience. ¬†It was hard, exciting, thrilling, and frustrating at times. ¬†I loved the topic we chose (Bonnaroo) and working with my group members was really easy because we all got along and worked well together. ¬†Recording the show was fluid and we all had very good radio chemistry with each other, which made things ten times easier. ¬†However, the actual mixing and technical parts of the show we somewhat difficult and frustrating. ¬†We were working with the Apple program “Garage Band” which is really a terrific problem but, unfortunately, has a few bugs that held us up a little. ¬†Also, we were using and built-in microphone on my computer which really isn’t a good microphone because of its low recording quality. ¬†But once we got over some of the mixing and recording problems, like static for one, the radio show just kind of fell together in a really terrific way.

It was also an awesome experience to see what everyone else did and what direction they took it in. ¬†To me, radio has always been funny conversational talk radio infused with music so thats the direction we went in but some people went in totally opposite directions and it was really interesting to see. ¬†Valerie’s group went in a new broadcast direction and they raised some really awesome topics that a lot of people talk about around UMW, especially the parking issue (it really does suck). ¬†While the Syndicate went in a more “radio show” direction about zombies and it was told more like a story and forced the reader to really listen to what was going on and it was a really fantastic listening experience. ¬†By far this was one of the best projects I have ever been assigned at UMW because it really allowed for a lot of creativity and left it up to the student to decide what to do. ¬†Also getting to work with any kind of music is a great project in my book.


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