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Ladies and Gentlemen…

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Ladies and Gentlemen here is our final project.  Yes it was a long time coming with a lot of hard work and dedication and a lot of scrapes and bruises but it has been completed.  It was actually kind of hard to edit and film everything and some of the camera and video stuff was malfunctioning.  At first Marc and I couldn’t get it on our computer and then the program, iMovie, was messing up so we had to do some messing around with the formatting and stuff but we eventually got it done.  I’ve done some editing before so that wasn’t the hardest part.  It was just difficult to get the right weather to film and then to get the right shots was a little difficult and then just organizing everything.  We tried to have a story-line too and keep the film moving in one direction as well as getting some sweet longboarding in.  All and all it was a very rewarding experience and very very fun to do.  This was by far the most fun I’ve had on a final project in my whole college career.


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