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What you know about Final Projects?

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Well as the air around our lovely city gets a little warmer its time for those of you who are so inclined to break out your longboards.  For my final project as I’ve said earlier I am doing a longboarding video with my friend in the class, Marc.  Unfortunately the weather has not be accommodating for longboarding as it has been very rainy and dreary outside which does not make for happy longboarders.  But don’t worry! The weather will get better and we will get filming very shortly on our video.  We are trying to figure out a theme or direction to go in for our video besides just tricks.  We had an idea to have a girl in the video that we both want to impress so we do various tricks to try and woo said princess.  I like having a semblance of “story” to my video so that the viewer is entertained and the video flows well.  And because this is a digitalSTORYtelling class I figure our video should run like a story.  Updates to come!


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