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Web 2.0 and Me

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Initial when this term was christened back in the early days of the new millennium, I originally thought of it more of a software update slash upgrade to the web, when it basically is more of a  revolution in the way we use the web.  Google I’d agree is its unofficial ambassador. Everyone agrees  this is common knowledge of the web today. When you say Web 2.0 I think when the internet went from a store to a community of people to share things with each other such as stories, feeling, and thoughts. I find that Web 3.0 won’t be around for a while, because there it has to be a revolution in web use, as if for like website u dawn on virtual reality glasses and see the web as a virtual world. Kind of a town if you will, chat rooms and social networks would be so much more interesting, but this wont be a while. Today’s challenge is to standardize everything for use by a wide range of  devices(HTML heres your queue).

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