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  1. Forzalex

    Dear Future DS106er

    If you wanna do well theres some thing you gotta kno, we like are beatz high and our base down low also - be prepared to do a lot of outside work - Be prepared to do random assignment that one day will make sense - Jim Groom is a good brainwash…..I mean teacher - &hellip Continue reading »
  2. Forzalex

    Funny Moment

    So my roommate and me were talking about just random stuff, and hes like “Are you part of a cult” and I’m like “Yeah DS106 represent”.lol
  3. Forzalex

    Digital Story

    For my digital story I will be taking pix of all important events of my day. And making them to form a number of the day Im on for the project first sett of pix will be tonight
  4. Forzalex

    My Radio Show & Lex’s Life

    Spend my entire Friday eve doing it, but got it done, not too shabby might I add. Would’ve been better, but everything takes time. I’ve decided to do a video podcast for  my digital story, just telling abt the highlights of my day w/ random n cool twists on it. Below is a  copy of &hellip Continue reading »
  5. Forzalex

    Plug Me In……Baby

    Been messing with site infrastructure, seems straight forward. I just keep experimenting with all kinds of things on the site……. its kinda cool!!!! Of course Ive been just installing and  uninstalling seeing what they do. I like this blogging idea … Continue reading

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