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The Therapy of Storytelling

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I always found storytelling to be part art and science. I never did think that storytelling would be a therapeutic strategy. Stories have been used to convey a series of events since the paleolithic era when information only traveled through word of mouth. These stories evoke a series of mental images that can awaken a sudden awareness that can only be experienced through the eyes of the protagonist of the story being told. The story teller also inherits the personality of the story. The overall objective is to accurately convey everything that occurs in the story down to the emotional level.

There is also an emotional release that occurs when one tells a story. That release, that cleansing causes a therapeutic response; which is how in effect therapy sessions work. Therapy is emotional as well as psychological. When you’re telling a story, especially if it’s about something that causes emotional pain or irritation, you are essentially getting it out of your system–essentially clearing an emotional constipation.

The article I read talks about sessions where the attendees are subjected to using their “third ear” in a process that “involves first clearing, then trusting one’s unconscious mind by following one’s own images and associations during the client’s presentation.” Once the client has cleared the mind, the client can then be subjected to the therapy.

I thought it all was fairly interesting. Not that I’m a crazy person that likes picking around in people’s heads, but I thought it was interesting how this method of therapy applies to numerous social dynamics and psychological conventions.

If you would like more information, the link is here.

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