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So, one of tasks for the week was to retell our previous story, using one of the 50 tools on Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story site, that we previously read about in his article.  As my story was not about a particular event (and I had not managed to think about taking pictures at any of the times, anyways), I set my sights on flickr and went searching for photos!

After some changing of keywords, tags, etc, and remembering to go into the advanced settings and searching only for pictures under the creative commons, I ended up with quite the variety of photos.

Next, I went browsing through Levine’s website, looking for an applicable tool to use for my retelling.  I had already decided I wanted to make some sort of photo slide-show-esque presentation, so that narrowed down the sorts of tools I was looking at. Convenient, a nice application called imageloop was located at the top of the list, and while I didn’t immediately start using the application based on its location (the next few didn’t seem very usable, attractive,etc), it was the tool I ended up using.

Side note: Snowflakes? I’m not sure. They didn’t seem to be an “effect” (and I made sure none were selected), and I’m not quite sure why they’re there. Oh well.

Meatpocalyps 2011:

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow

Thanks to these photos from flickr! Every time I’ve ever been to one of these restaraunts I’ve been way too focused to worry about pictures (and thankfully so, as the camera may have been eaten).

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