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  1. chris

    Storytelling in Business

    response to: What Does Storytelling Have to Do with Business? | Content Rules by Ann Handley Storytelling in business makes sense, it just does.  It’s how a company goes from selling a product to selling an experience.  Some companies may rely less on stories than others, but the stories businesses tell are always important.  It’s (generally) ...
  2. chris

    1 of 50 ways…

    So, one of tasks for the week was to retell our previous story, using one of the 50 tools on Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story site, that we previously read about in his article.  As my story was not about a particular event (and I had not managed to think about taking ...
  3. chris


    I’m going to take a few minutes to describe the best style of restaurants ever. The Brazilian steakhouse. You take your seat, and visit the entirely optional salad bar. Next to your plate is a coaster, red on one side, green on the other. Red up, and you will be left alone to eat your meal.  Green up, and ...
  4. chris


    This weeks assignment was to read “Web 2.0 Storytelling: The Emergence of a New Genre” and Seven Things You Should Know about Creative Commons. The Web 2.0 article attempted to define and describe what digital storytelling is. After reading it, I don’t feel that I learned anything I didn’t already know.  The 50+ ways article was probably the only ...

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