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Firefighter Site Collects Stories

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Ever since I was a girl I have had a secret admiration for all firefighters and all emergency personel.Ā  So, as I read this article on how firefighters areĀ using a system that can tellĀ over 32,000 firefighter companies about near misses/close calls that have happened to them I was very impressed.Ā  I think this is a great idea because it will helpĀ other firefighters learn from their experiences.Ā  When people learn about and listen to other peoples experiences they themselves develop ways in their minds where they could have made things go more smoothly.Ā Ā I believe thisĀ relates to digital storytelling because if you showed each situation that an individual firefighter is describing in a “digital storytelling” format then it could give the other firefighters reading it a better idea of what to do next time.Ā  This way all firefightersĀ can learn fromĀ it better and it would have a greater affect on all the firefighters that read it.Ā  This article was very interesting and I really enjoyed the topic.Ā 

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