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I read “Firefighter Site Collects Stories” (  for the assignment. I found the article very interesting. I know firefighting is a very physical job and think its great that firefighters all over can help each other out. I used to work as a vet assistant, and something like this for the job would have been helpful. I actually currently belong to a yahoo group called IBD dogs. Its kind of similar to this site. Owners post successes, along with mistakes they have made with their dogs. This helps other owners determine what is best for their dog and allows them to get a better understanding of the disease. I would consider this site part of digital storytelling because it uses the internet to communicate and it’s available to everyone in that career field. I found the part about the airbags deploying surprising. I think having a database that lists all the relative situations that others could encounter is a great idea. This will keep others from making the same mistakes and strengthen, or even make emergency services better all over the world.  Another great aspect of the internet, as the article pointed out, it that these stories can be anonymous which will encourage others to comment and tell their stories.

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