1. mdunlap

    Our last encounter


    Overall, I think DS106 was a challenging class. There were no exams, which is definitely my downfall, but the work was very time consuming. I was surprised by the amount of work expected. I think if students would have had more software available to them, projects would have been easier. …

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    Amaryllis Trivia


    Amaryllis aka “Belladona Lilly ” Facts

    The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word “amarysso” which means “to sparkle”.

    The Amaryllis is commonly referred to as the “‘Lilly” in South Africa, the UK and Italy. This is because the flower resembles a Lilly, but they are different. The flower is …

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    Dahlia trivia


    Dahlia Facts

    The Dahlia is native to Mexico, Columbia, and Central America.

    The species ‘Dahlia Pinnata’ is the National flower of Mexico. This Dahlia is also the official flower of Seattle, Washington.

    Dahlias have tuberous roots which enable them to store water.

    Before insulin was discovered for diabetics, the tuber …

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    Geramium Trivia


    Geranium Facts

    The Geranium is native to temperate, Mediterranean  and African regions around the world.

    There are over 422 species of Geraniums and they are commonly known as ‘cranesbill’. This name is derived from the seed capsule found on some species, which is shaped like the bill of a crane.…

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    Hyacinth Trivia


    Hyacinth Facts

    Hyacinths originated in Turkey, Mediterranean and African regions. Once again the Netherlands is the main producer of this plant.

    The flowers are star shaped unlike the grape hyacinth, in which the flowers resemble a cluster of grapes.

    March 7th is World Hyacinth Day.

    The origin of the Hyacinth …

  6. mdunlap

    Petunia Trivia


    Petunia Facts

    Petunias are native to South America and mainly produced in Argentina.

    Other plants in the Petunia family include gooseberries, tobacco, chili peppers, tomatoes, deadly nightshades(which is a toxic berry plant) and potatoes.

    The word Petunia originated from the French petun which means ‘tobacco’.

    Petunias attract moths and hummingbirds.…

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    Fun facts about Daffodils

    Daffodils are the national flower of Wales and they are traditionally worn on St. Davids day.

    If you were born in March, your birth flower is the Daffodil.

    The Daffodil symbolizes the Chinese New Year and is believed to bring good fortune, especially if it blooms …

  8. mdunlap

    Tulip Trivia



    The Tulip was discovered in Central Asia and was first produced by the Turks. From here the flower migrated to places like Europe and Holland.

    After the introduction of tulips in the early 1600′s, farmers started to produce and trade tulips for lots of money. From here new species …

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    Helpful Advice


    Dear Future Student,

    If you are planning to take Digital Story Telling in the near future, here are a few words of advice. If you take this class with Martha Burtis you will have no tests or quizzes, sounds great right. Wrong. There are a lot of projects in this …

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    Cherry Blossom


    Fun Facts about the Cherry Blossom

    Most people living in Virginia or attending the University of Mary Washington are familiar with Cherry Blossoms. These flowers bloom once a year and there is always a big festival held in Washington, DC. I have never been there but hear it is beautiful. …

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