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Best movie of the year.

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Hot Fuzz (2007) - IMDb_1301193772962

Here is my attempt at creating a web story. I am not very creative, so I decided to use IMDB to edit a movie review. I choose the movie Hot Fuzz which I have seen a few times and is very funny. I did not edit pictures because I was not able to find much to replace the ones already there, so I just edited the descriptions and reviews. I was not able to figure out the path to my webpage, but I did change it in cpanel. I was hoping there would just be a link somewhere. Stay tuned, maybe I will figure this out.
When I tried to post to my blog, I first attempted to copy the html code I had saved in notepad, which did not work. Then I took a screen shot, uploaded to flicker, saved the photo, and clicked on share this. Here I copied the html code into my blog and bam, it worked.
This project was not very difficult, just very time consuming since I am not very creative or funny. I actually had a lot of fun and would definitely do this one again.

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