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Amaryllis aka “Belladona Lilly ” Facts

The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word “amarysso” which means “to sparkle”.

The Amaryllis is commonly referred to as the “‘Lilly” in South Africa, the UK and Italy. This is because the flower resembles a Lilly, but they are different. The flower is also native to South America.

In Portugal the name “Amaryllis” means “St. Joseph’s Staph”.

Holland is a major producer of the Amaryllis.

An Amaryllis is a common gift at Christmas time. Most flowers produced during this time of year are from South Africa.

The stalk containing the Amaryllis flower is leafless. One stem will hold 3-5 flowers.

The Amaryllis bulb is capable of blooming for up to 75 years.

This flower commonly stands for beauty, determination and pride.

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