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Radio reading

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After reading Radio: an Illustrated Guide, I was a little disappointed. I thought the information presented was a little choppy and I did not quite understand the comics. I know visuals normally make reading more interesting but I found it rather distracting. I was hoping the comics would present the information in a funny and creative way. I understand the importance of using the comics, but after the first page or so I kind of lost interest.

Overall I was surprised at the amount of time it took to get a good story together. I have never listened or heard of Ira Glass until last week. I also thought the tactics in presenting the story were interesting.For instance I never would have thought that editing rests between talking was important. I guess you would have to listen to someone talking to understand. An instructor with a monotone voice and no character would make class excruciatingly boring. So obviously I could see why this would matter. I definitely learned a good bit about radio.

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