1. mdunlap

    Hard Times



    For my mashup I took scenes from the movie “Dick and Jane” and made kind of a montage about hard economic times. I wanted to use scenes from the movie “Office Space” too, which I thought I owned, but apparently not and neither did any of my friends, so …

  2. mdunlap

    mashup update


    I have finally decided what I am going to do for my mashup, an economic hard times montage. I have the movies picked out that I am going to use, just unsure about the music. I just hope I have some recording time left in my magic dvd ripper trial. …

  3. mdunlap



    For my mashup I have decided to either do a music remix or record over a movie since I have now mastered the whole video thing. Only took me 2 weeks of agonizing you know what. I found some helpful websites to use for the remix/mashup videos which I posted …

  4. mdunlap

    Good Old Navy


    Here is my video essay. I think some pieces got cut out so it might sound kind of weird and I can’t say the audio quality is the best but I have finally figured it out. In order to post on my blog I used the wordpress video plugin. In …

  5. mdunlap

    Here is my invisible video essay


    Well I am still waiting for vimeo to upload my video essay and it is too big to put on my blog post. The end of it also got cut off in vimeo. Oh well. When I get the URL and hopefully have no copyright issues I will post. Overall …

  6. mdunlap



    I have finally figured out how to post to delicious without the plugin. If you have firefox 4.0 you can log directly into delicious and on the upper right hand side there is a blue shaded area that allows you to save a new link. I did not see this …

  7. mdunlap

    project update


    Okay, so I am really not sure what I am supposed to be doing with this final project but here is an update. I am going to just keep working on several ideas since I am not sure how to present any of them yet. This past weekend I went …

  8. mdunlap



    So I have attempted to complete this video essay and have  gotten no where. I am using mpeg but all it does is show a picture every once in a while. Nothing is playing and there was no sound. Then I decided to re-install the newer version of quick time …

  9. mdunlap

    Too Many Options


    Okay, so my final project is not going so well. I think it is really difficult to come up with an idea because there are so many. I mean where do I start. I am also limited by materials and technology. Sure I could do an interview, but with what, …

  10. mdunlap

    Teaching with digital tools


    I read the post by Malanie McBride today http://melaniemcbride.net/2011/03/05/praxis-2-0/ and I have to admit I am not really sure what I was reading about. I watched the Disney remix of Alice and Wonderland and really have no idea why it was significant. I honestly thought that is was really annoying …

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