1. mdunlap

    American life episodes


    I am having trouble accessing the “This American Life” website for our weekly assignment. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? When I click on the link the page keeps reloading and eventually times out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.…

  2. mdunlap

    Five card flickr story: Hump Day


    I groggily woke up to the sound of my alarm, time for work already I thought. Reluctantly I hit the snooze button trying to gain a few more minutes of peace. Next thing I know my dog is eagerly greeting me with kisses. I continued on with my normal morning …

  3. mdunlap



    I read “Firefighter Site Collects Stories” (http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2005/09/68899)  for the assignment. I found the article very interesting. I know firefighting is a very physical job and think its great that firefighters all over can help each other out. I used to work as a vet assistant, and something like this for …

  4. mdunlap

    First Story


    Okay, it took me a long time to decide what to write about but I finally figured something out. During the last presidential election, my husband wanted to see history in the making, so he of course got tickets to the inauguration and I had to go along for the …

  5. mdunlap



    I recently read two articles for class about Web 2.0 storytelling and creative commons. I found the Web 2.0 article long and dry. I agree that telling stories over the internet can bring out a lot of creativity in people with the ability to use animation and add pictures, but …

  6. mdunlap



    Overall, purchasing a domain name and web space was a simple process. Of course this was with the help of the tutorial, and without it I probably would have been lost. Pointing my domain name to my web host was also rather painless. Next I installed WordPress which went well, …

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