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Hyacinth Trivia

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Hyacinth Facts

Hyacinths originated in Turkey, Mediterranean and African regions. Once again the Netherlands is the main producer of this plant.

The flowers are star shaped unlike the grape hyacinth, in which the flowers resemble a cluster of grapes.

March 7th is World Hyacinth Day.

The origin of the Hyacinth comes from Greek mythology. The Son of God and the Son of West Wind were close and Hyakinthos, a young man, brought jealousy between the friends. The Son of West Wind killed Hyakinthos and it is thought that the flowers grew from the spilled blood.

Hyacinth flowers are commonly used to make perfumes.

In the old days, the Victorians used the hyacinth as a symbol to represent sport and play. A blue hyacinth symbolizes sincerity.

The Hyacinth bulb is poisonous and contains oxalic acid which can cause skin irritation.

The juices from the plant can be used to make a glue or paste.

The Hyacinth is commonly used in arrangements for Haft-Sin, a traditional Iranian celebration, which marks the first day of spring and the beginning of a new year. Seven items that begin with s are displayed for family and friends.  These items represent the seven creations and the seven holy immortals that protect them. During Haft-Sin Iranians celebrate the resurrection and gift of eternal life in the spirit of the new year. The Hyacinth specifically symbolizes two deities, Khordad and Amurdad.

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