First Day

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For our assignment I listened to First Day. This story was mainly about the first day something occurred.  Examples given were first day on the job or first day going to a new school. I really enjoyed listening to the stories. I did notice the use of breaks between speaking which was filled with music. Sometimes I thought the music went well with the story and other times it really annoyed me. I thought the first two story’s were delivered very well and they definitely kept my interest. The third story about hooking up with a friend was rather boring. I am not sure if it was the delivery or the topic, and the last story, well I just don’t remember.  I know in the book they mentioned that the person delivering the story had to be enthusiastic and interesting, which was really apparent in the first 2 stories. I did not hear any surprising questions asked, which they mentioned in the book, about getting the reader out the their comfort zone. The questions at the end were a good wrap up to the story though. I also liked how they incorporated some kind of lesson or message through telling the story. I never thought I would enjoy listening to This American Life because I really despise audio books, but everyone does a really great job presenting the stories.

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